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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
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The currently selected teaching mode can adapt to tool learning and training, and is seriously insufficient in the cultivation of students' applied innovation ability. Exploration on the teaching practice of the combination of production and education in the graphic design major of the second secondary vocational school (1) Explore the "order-based" talent training model and utilize the teaching resources of both schools and enterprises In order to strengthen the pertinence of talent training, the order-based talent training model is used to train the specialized talents of the enterprise. In order to let students know more about the company, Photo Manipulation Services the school can hire experts to form a steering committee, work with the school to formulate talent training strategies, build a graphic design course teaching system, develop courseware and teaching plans, and formulate teaching plans. Develop teaching materials and courseware with practical training properties, so that students can quickly transition from students to staff in the enterprise, so that enterprises and schools can realize the seamless connection of talents. The school can hire experts from the enterprise to the school to build a real work scene and training base for the school, try to simulate the teaching work scene, and integrate the enterprise scene into the school environment, which can help graduates quickly adapt to the enterprise living environment and adapt to the company. new needs for development. (2) Building a team of teachers Teachers are in the position of instructors and executors in educational work. The quality of the combination of production and education is closely related to the quality of teachers. Schools need to put the teaching level of teachers in an important position and cultivate dual-qualified and technical teachers. Organize the leaders, key teachers and young teachers of the discipline, and ask them to actively participate in the design and production of the enterprise during the holiday, integrate the experience they have learned into teaching, and arrange for the young backbone teachers to participate in the actual production of the enterprise, from the grassroots level.

sukanto Kuri

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